Back to School with MediaFire

It’s that time of year again, parents are ushering kids around department stores picking out pens and pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes. Older students are stocking up on dorm room snacks, ramen noodle packets or moving in to their first apartments away from home. Professors too are getting their class notes together and putting the final touches on their presentations. For many students and professors much of their classwork is being taken into the cloud with their class notes and presentations online as well as in the classroom. Laptops are ubiquitous on college campuses and much of student life is spent behind a screen and keyboard. You can feel it in the air, homework’s arrival is imminent.

MediaFire has always been a great tool for sharing files amongst your friends, family and colleagues, and it’s also a great tool to add to your back-to-school arsenal. Here are some ways you can use MediaFire to enhance your academic career:

1. Share Class Notes

Most students take notes in class and these days a lot of those notes are on a laptop or can easily be scanned into a digital format. Make friends with a few other students in your class and upload each of your class notes into a MediaFire folder and share the links with each other. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for your friend’s notes and always be up to date on the latest notes – even if you miss a day of class. Who knows, maybe the cute brunette who always sits next to you class might even want to join your note sharing circle? You can show her how to create her how to subscribe to your folder RSS feed after class, and then see if she wants to go get some froyo since you both could reeeeaaaally use a break from all this studying. You can thank me later.

2. Project Portability

Tired of lugging around that “desktop replacement” laptop with you to every class and to the library for study hours? Try uploading your class documents to MediaFire and access them anywhere from any computer with a web browser. Simply download what you need to work on, and then upload it again when you’re done working on it. This way you can keep your class assignments, presentations, and video and audio documents all organized on line and accessible from anywhere – even your phone.

3. Use a MediaFire Drop Box to Submit Files to Campus Organizations

Are you a professor with a web page for your class? Maybe you’re a student and just want to compile files from a group assignment in one place, or just want to consolidate high-resolution pictures from your latest club event. You can use MediaFire to create a drop box folder that you can share on your class’s or your organization’s web page or blog and then invite your students and colleagues to upload class assignments or event pictures from multiple cameras into that one folder.

4. Share Large Media Files for Easy Collaboration.

Education isn’t all about creative writing and math, the modern classroom takes advantage of rich media to assist the in the teaching process. Digital cameras and video recording are in just about every student’s pocket in the form of a smart phone and they’re being increasingly used to record class material. Many class projects, regardless of the subject will require the student to incorporate media-rich presentations or projects and especially if you’re a creative media student or professional MediaFire can be the perfect solution for distributing, sharing and collaborating on large media files.

5. Back-Up and Archive Class Notes and Assignments

Hey, it’s happened to all of us – you’ve just finished your final lab report or creative writing assignment and you’re on you way over to the computer lab to print it out when out of nowhere a hipster reading Kafka on his fixie blindsides you sending you flying laptop-bag first into the ground. Fortunately your precious bottom was saved by the one-inch thick marvel of modern technology wedged into the laptop compartment of your backpack, however your semester’s work of 1s and 0s stored on the hard-drive has now been reduced to digital dust…. Okay, maybe this doesn’t happen to all of us, but if it did you’d be ecstatic to remember that all is not lost because you uploaded that assignment to MediaFire just before you left. These things happen, and that’s just one reason to keep your files on MediaFire’s secure and redundant servers. Another great reason is that once you’re done with that class and recovered from the week long binge parting you do to celebrate, you probably won’t ever look back at those documents again but they’ll be sitting there in a disorganized mess of a folder on your hard-drive for the remaining life of your computer. Upload those files and archive them in a MediaFire folder named for the date and subject of the class, and if some day you do need to look up that ancient book report on Lord of the Flies, it will be there – even if your old laptop isn’t.


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    Yes, mediafire.

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