Faster Downloads through MediaFire’s New Downloader

Good news everyone!

Downloads are even faster than ever thanks to our updated downloader. TLDR; Downloads are super fast thanks to multi-threaded downloads handled by our new in-browser downloader.



So, you’ve got a big file to download, but your internet connection is struggling to get it quickly from MediaFire? We’ve got your back.

Our new downloader splits your file into multiple “chunks” (smaller file parts that combine to form your whole file), downloads all the chunks at the same time (using the maximum amount of your download bandwidth possible) and then reassembles all the chunks again in your browser at the end of the download thus saving the whole file to your computer.

Download speeds can be up to 30% faster than with a standard file download.

Want to give it a try? Click the “Try our new downloader” button next to the main download button on any file download page.