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MediaFire 2021

MediaFire 2021 Feature Image

TLDR; MediaFire launched a brand new set of web and mobile apps! You might not have noticed, except for some significant performance improvements, because they look just like the old ones. Under the hood, however, this is a huge upgrade – these “MF2021” apps represent a major improvement to our development environment and our ability…

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Better Folder Uploads in Chrome

Illustration of Folder Uploads in Chrome

We’ve made it even easier to upload files! Do you have tons of files stored and organized in folders all over your computer? If you’re like most of us here, you probably do. To help make your life easier, MediaFire just added a feature that makes uploading all those folders a snap. You can now…

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Faster Downloads through MediaFire’s New Downloader

Good news everyone! Downloads are even faster than ever thanks to our updated downloader. TLDR; Downloads are super fast thanks to multi-threaded downloads handled by our new in-browser downloader.     So, you’ve got a big file to download, but your internet connection is struggling to get it quickly from MediaFire? We’ve got your back. Our…

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MediaFire Developer Zone: A New Online Resource for Developers

At MediaFire, we are fully committed to providing innovative cloud storage solutions to the developer community, which is why today we are excited to announce the official launch of the MediaFire Developer Portal, a new online resource featuring SDK’s, tutorials, sample code, and additional tools for developers around the world. Developers can access our portal…

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Meet MediaFire For iPad

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of MediaFire for the iPad! Available today as a universal update to our existing iOS App, MediaFire for iPad is designed  to let you quickly access, stream, and share photos, movies, music, and files stored on MediaFire, directly from your tablet or smartphone. To Download MediaFire for iPad and…

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New Storage Plans: Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for Just $2.50

Today, we are excited to  announced the public release of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly share, upload, and store their media in the cloud, directly from their desktop and Mobile Devices. Since we launched our beta in November, over 2 million MediaFire users have used our…

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MediaFire Launches Walgreens QuickPrints Support

Lets face it, for most of us, using home printers are a pain. From running out of cyan ink, to driver errors, it seems like every time you really need to use your printer, it doesn’t work.  This problem poses a particular challenge for hobbyist and professional photographers looking to share and display physical copies…

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Meet MediaFire Desktop

Six months ago, the MediaFire team set out with a clear vision: to create the best online storage and file sharing service in the world. Today, we are bringing that vision to life with the beta launch of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly upload, collaborate, and share…

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Big Things Are Coming To MediaFire!

It seems like everyone is getting involved in the cloud storage game. From Verizon to Microsoft, everyone is looking to store your files online. And yet, everyday computer users continue to struggle with the same problems on a day-to-day basis. Uploading all of your files into the cloud is a pain, sharing files with others…

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