The MediaFire Android App Has Finally Arrived!

As many of you may already know, on January 16th we officially launched our long-awaited Android App. Almost immediately after publishing our app in Google Play store, we saw lots of warm reviews and great suggestions. We would like to thank you all for the abundant feedback, we appreciate it a lot!

While it makes us happy to know that our users are no longer deprived of MediaFire on their Android devices, the feedback we received also gives us great starting points to focus on improving our apps and adding your most requested features in the near future. As always, feel free to give us more ideas for what you’d like to see in the next version of our iPhone and Android apps in the comments!

Here are some of the great accolades we’re honored to receive from around the web:

“MediaFire is offering 50GB of free cloud storage, so if you’re an avid cloud-sharer, this is an app you don’t want to pass up”.



“No, really: 50 gigabytes”. “MediaFire remains a great option for sharing large files with others, accessing your data across multiple devices, collaborating on documents, and creating backups of non-critical files”.



“…since you have 50GB of free space, you don’t have to make hard decisions of which files you’re uploading to the app for easy access”.




“MediaFire will provide Android users with 50GB of free storage, boasting that users will never have to worry about running out of space”.




“While most other services would only offer that much after a small fee, MediaFire prides itself on leniency, affordability and ease of use, and not having to worry about how many megabytes or gigabytes you have left goes a long way toward a less stressful user experience”.


Again, thanks for all the great feedback! Now that MediaFire for Android has joined our iPhone app and our desktop Express app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, we’re starting to round out our software products and getting ready to take them someplace really exciting.

Stay tuned!

The MediaFire Team


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  2. Amrdanda on March 18, 2013 at 5:58 am

    When I found this I went quickly to the store to scale and carry it on my mobile Thank you mediafire