How to Stay Organized in 2012 with MediaFire

From all of us here at MediaFire to all of you and yours – Happy New Year, everyone!

Here are some tips you can use with MediaFire to help you stay better organized in 2012:

Archive old files

Information overload isn’t just a catch-phrase. The longer you have your system, the more stuff you collect on your hard drive.ย  It’s your the growing collection of digital pictures from your ever increasing in megapixles digital camera, or your music collection that spans decades of your changing tastes.ย  A great way to reduce this load on your system and your brain is to archive these files off onto a separate storage location, freeing up hard-drive space and clearing out distractions.ย  With MediaFire’s unlimited storage, you can upload all those old files into folders you create in your account, and then delete the data from your local computer without fear of losing quick access to your files.

Use consistent methods for file and folder naming

When creating your file structure on MediaFire, it’s important to develop a naming scheme for the files you most commonly use and then stick to it.ย  Clear folder names and structures will help you find your data later and save you lots of time in the long run.ย  Consider folder structures that mirror folders on your desktop to make it easier for you to remember where your archived files might be.

Keep names short

Even though MediaFire allows you to create long folder names, in general it is a good practice to avoid doing so.ย  Long folder and file names are harder to read and clutter up your interface.ย  Instead, let your folder structure do some of the naming for you.ย  For a file named 2012 New Years Resolutions Weight Loss Weight Tracking Spreadsheet.xls you can build a structure like this:

Store like with like

Keeping your files organized in your folders by file type makes it easier for you to find your files and better utilize some of MediaFire’s viewing and sharing tools.ย  For example, if you keep all of your image files for a project or event together in a folder, you can easily view and share them as an image gallery by clicking the image gallery tab.

Hope these tips help you get a great start on 2012! Cheers!

Tom Langridge โ€“ Co-Founder, VP Corporate Communications


  1. Christian Sisson on January 3, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Is there a way to upload a whole folder structure without compressing it into a zip file (or RAR or whatever extension)?

  2. Ali on January 14, 2012 at 1:53 am

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