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MediaFire Express Beta Updates

We’ve gotten some great feedback since we launched MediaFire Express Beta last week. Today we’re releasing updates to both the Windows and Mac versions to fix some bugs and add a few new features. If you already have MediaFire Express Beta installed, you should receive the update automatically if you haven’t already.

You can download MediaFire Express Beta here:

Here’s what you can expect from the latest version of MediaFire Express:

New Features

  • The size of the Macintosh’s full installer has been reduced
  • Users can upload an entire hierarchy of folders by just uploading the top-most folder in the hierarchy
  • Users now have the option of preventing hidden folders and files from being uploaded
  • Now the user is required to accept an EULA during full installation


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected bug that sometimes caused the Service Panel to crash when the user clicked the Service Panel’s Cancelation Button
  • Corrected bug that caused errors when calculating the time remaining for an upload
  • Corrected bug that caused the screenshot tool to hang on OS X/Linux systems when the user dragged exceptionally large selected regions about the screen
  • Corrected bug where “show files” button failed to show any files after uploading a hierarchy of folders
  • Corrected bug where the automatic update stalled while checking for available updates
  • Corrected bug where the screenshot tool incorrectly launched when the user only pressed the ‘s’ key


Thanks again for all the feedback and bug reports! More to come soon.

Tom Langridge – Co-Founder, VP Corporate Communications


8 Responses to “MediaFire Express Beta Updates”

  1. Christian Says:

    Testing to see if I can log in with this version…

  2. Someone Says:

    Is this for both Pro and Free, or just Pro? I tried it on both Windows and Ubuntu and it said my account was invalid.

  3. saiful islam Says:

    i m very confused about MediaFire Express Beta while uploading from desktop using drag and drop menu .some 100 mb file uploaded instantly without calculating any time but some are not.Is it possible?whats the reason behind this.i need a reply.pls help me.

  4. Guillaume Soucy Says:


    Can you add a resume function allowing to resume theupload task after I close the Express app or I shutdown my computer so, when I reboot my computer, I can restart the upload where I leave it. Too can you add a list of all files in the upload list so I can delete individual files without restart all upload. Finnaly, can you add a system who dont create double files I folder in the case of files or folder already exist.


    Guillaume Soucy

  5. Wisco Says:

    Love it. I use it all the time. I have to say that the estimated upload time is way off on my machine, though. By somewhere around a factor of three or four times the estimate. Still, it’s free and it works great, so it’s a minor complaint in the big picture, really.

  6. Canrobert Gomes Madeira Says:

    Hello, can you add the function for scheduled backup (i need to save from time to time some files) and i think it’s will be very good for mostly users.

  7. VenomVendor Says:

    Am using MediaFire Express Beta,
    I want to use the same in Proxy enable locations, but i dont find Manual Proxy Settings.
    Plz add it in the next update…

  8. Brixter Says:

    Hello! When will you guys official cloud app in Android?

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