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MediaFire Express Beta (and REST API)

Today the MediaFire team is proud to announce the Beta release of MediaFire’s first software application – MediaFire Express. This Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible application makes it easier than ever to upload files from your computer to your MediaFire account.

Download MediaFire Express from our new “Tools” section here:

MediaFire Express is currently in Beta testing and the UI is still a rough proof of concept, so expect a couple bugs if you decided to give it a try. This product helps us test some of the new tools we’re developing and lays the groundwork for future products that will be released later this year. We’re excited to release MediaFire Express to the public to start our foray into bringing MediaFire’s great cloud storage tools into the desktop environment and beyond.

MediaFire Express for Mac:

MediaFire Express for Windows:

MediaFire Express (Beta) Features:

  • MediaFire Express can upload files from our computer to your MediaFire account without requiring you to open your browser.
  • New users can create a MediaFire account during installation.
  • MediaFire Express users can switch between MediaFire accounts.
  • Users can select an upload destination folder from within their “My Files” folder hierarchy.
  • Users can upload a file via a right click menu on File Explorer’s (on Windows) or Finder (on the Mac).
  • Users can upload a file by dragging and dropping it on the MediaFire Express’ Drop Zone.
  • MediaFire Express avoids contributing to desktop clutter by hiding its windows when it is idle.
  • Progress bars make it easy for users to monitor file upload progress.
  • Users can invoke the MediaFire Expresses Screenshot tool from (1) the keyboard, (2) a button located on the MediaFire Express’ Drop-Zone, or via a systray menu.
  • Quickly open your “My Files” page with a click of a button.
  • MediaFire Express dynamically throttles-back upload rates as necessary so as to avoid reducing Quality of Service on slow DSL links.
  • MediaFire Express’ Screenshot Tool captures images of (1) the entire desktop, (2) an application’s window, or (3) a user defined area and then (1) uploads the screenshot to your MediaFire account for sharing, (2) saves the screenshot to disk or (3) sends the image to the printer for a hardcopy.

As always, let us know what you think and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an questions or run into any bugs.

MediaFire REST API

As a side note, today we’re also excited to announce the first REST API for MediaFire. Developers interested in building tools that interface with MediaFire’s cloud storage system can find out more here. More information coming soon!

Tom Langridge – Co-Founder, VP Corporate Communications

19 Responses to “MediaFire Express Beta (and REST API)”

  1. Christian Says:

    Awesome! … Just to bad it wont let me sign in.

  2. Florian Says:

    It would be great if I could choose in which folder to upload the files, not globally (in options), but as I drag & drop them on the Drop Zone.

  3. MarteIrae Says:

    @Florian: +1

  4. ManyGz Says:

    If I like the idea, always Mediafire.
    I would like to make a screenshot, and have no download link for Share as dropbox.

  5. tranducthinh Says:

    Pretty! I’ve been waiting for in a long time.

  6. Eirik Says:

    The desktop app is looking pretty good so far.

    A few suggestions. It would be good to:
    + See a list of individual files in the upload list.
    + Be able to pause/stop/remove any file individually that is in the upload list.
    + Be able to see current upload list and reorganise it.
    + See progress for the individual file that is currently uploading.
    + Be able to upload to a particular folder on your MediaFire account.
    + Show the current upload speed.

  7. Felipe Gomez Says:

    I loved the screenshot tool but is very very lazy to load… why?

  8. HatifHammad Says:

    €!!!!!!!!!!! ITS VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!$

    but you must provide to create
    folder than put the file in there.

  9. john Says:

    Please add UPLOAD function to the API.

  10. GoldenGod Says:

    API: at last.

    Do I miss something because I can’t find option to upload file in API?

  11. HatifHammad Says:


  12. Friedrich Haussmann Says:

    Thank you for such a great API. I already implemented in my Firefox add-on ( ) – hope you like it !

  13. Ahmet Says:

    I think you should be provide direct link for screen shot , as

  14. Antonio Miguel Says:

    It’s great, I’m very, very happy. Hopefully in the future be possible to access our files from Android or iPhone.

    Thanks for this great service.

  15. Ahmet Lütfü Yazıcı Says:

    can you make software as dropbox?

  16. NghiaCoi Says:

    maybe so useful !…
    beside Mediafire, I also use Dropbox, Box and so many services.

  17. VenomVendor Says:

    Plz start a Forum for Developers, i have lot of Doubts to be discussed with other developers

  18. Safana Says:

    how about portable versions….

  19. JamesK Says:

    Please include an “Upload” API.

    Express looks good so far.

    One suggestion for Express, add a tool-tip that says “MediaFire Express [Beta]” or somesuch thing.

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