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MediaFire Now Has an iPad App

April 16th, 2014

Meet the Newest Addition to the MediaFire Family of Apps


 Today, we are excited to announce the launch of MediaFire for the iPad!

Available today as a universal update to our existing iOS App, MediaFire for iPad is designed  to let you quickly access, stream, and share photos, movies, music, and files stored on MediaFire, directly from your tablet or smartphone.

To Download MediaFire for iPad and iPhone for free, visit:

MediaFire for iPad takes full advantage of the extra screen space and higher resolutions found on the iPad Air and Mini Retina, while retaining the easy-to-use interface found in our award winning iPhone and Android Applications. We’ve also  updated our App performance to dramatically improve streaming media playback and speed on both iPhone and iPad.

Pricing Update

Due to popular demand, MediaFire will be extending our fifty percent off sale on cloud storage to throughout the summer. Starting at $2.50 a month for 1TB of secure online storage (or $24.99 Per Year), our professional storage plans make it easy for you to store all of your media in the cloud, and are a perfect companion to our mobile and desktop applications.

As for you Android users out there, stay tuned, we have something exciting in store for you soon!


The MediaFire Team

For more details on today’s announcment, including our press release, screenshots, and logos, visit:

For press inquires, email

MediaFire Celebrates the Official Launch of MediaFire Desktop With New Storage Plans; Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for Just $2.50

April 8th, 2014

New Native Apps Are On The Way for iPad and Android!

Today, we are excited to  announced the public release of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly share, upload, and store their media in the cloud, directly from their desktop and Mobile Devices.

Since we launched our beta in November, over 2 million MediaFire users have used our desktop app; providing helpful feedback to our team as we have added new features and improved performance. We couldn’t have reached this important milestone without your support! (special thanks goes out to Jared Newman from Time Magazine, who pushed us to go the extra mile!)

To celebrate our official launch, we’ve completely overhauled our consumer cloud storage plans, giving users one terabyte of cloud storage for only five dollars a month. Now users can safely store and share all of their photos, videos, and files in the cloud, without having to worry about file size limits. As an added bonus, for a limited time, MediaFire is offering half off all storage plans, enabling new users to sign up for just two dollars and fifty cents per month!

We’ve also listened to our community, and are announcing several major updates, including:

  • No file-size upload limits: both free and paid users can upload individual files up to 20 gigs in size (When using native 64 bit browsers such as Firefox).
  •  A major update to MediaFire Desktop: Our latest update officially brings MediaFire Desktop out of Beta, squashing bugs and delivering major speed upgrades and stability fixes. To download MediaFire Desktop, visit:
  • Upcoming Native apps for iPad and Android:  These will be available over the next few weeks, and will introduce a host of new features, including automatic photo syncing directly from your Android mobile device. For early press access to our private betas, email
  • A complete overhaul of our API’s and Developer Resource Portal: Our new API’s enable web developers to quickly integrate MediaFire Storage and file sharing directly into their applications. Visit our developer portal here:
  • Native SDK’s will be coming for all major platforms and languages. For more information, or to enroll in our beta development program, email


Over the next few months, we will be launching several new and exciting products, including new and updated applications for iPad and Android (A screenshot of our iPad App can be found above).

Stay Tuned!


The MediaFire Team



How Can MediaFire Afford to Offer Users Such Lucrative Prices?

  • We operate and own all of our own servers and network infrastructure, which allows us to undercut our competitors when it comes to cost. Many of our competitors rely on AWS, which is both cost prohibitive, and introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Physically Send Your Media Into Any Cloud With MediaFire Stratus Beta

April 1st, 2014

New DIY Kit Allows You to Send All of Your Important Videos, Music, Movies, and Files Directly Into Your Nearest Cloud.

For the last year, our engineers have been hard at work creating a solution for users who want to be able to easily put all of their important videos, music, movies, and files into the cloud, without access to an internet connection. Today, we are pleased to announce the beta launch of MediaFire Stratus, a new DIY kit designed to allow our offline users to send their media “into the cloud”.

Beta MediaFire Cirrus

Our kit includes 10 of our high-tech upload balloons, our patented high-speed helium dispenser, and hard drive-mounting parachute. Using MediaFire Stratus is a simple three step process:

  1. Attach any hard drive containing your important files to the mounting system
  2. Fill the upload balloons using the dispenser
  3. Release your data outside

In just minutes, all of your data will be in the cloud!

Our MediaFire Stratus beta is currently limited to a very select number of applicants. To Apply, simply tweet to @mediafire with the hashtag #OfflineCloudStorage today!

Known beta issues:

  • Accessing your data is not currently supported within the Beta. Users looking to access their data should wait 24-48 hours to begin searching for the kit.
  • MediaFire Stratus should be used during clear weather only. MediaFire is not responsible for any data loss occurring from storms, hail, or wind gusts.
  • MediaFire is not responsible for any vocal damage or pitch distortion caused by inhaling the helium included within the MediaFire Stratus Kit.
  • We discourage the release of MediaFire Stratus when NSA drones are nearby. Users are encouraged to visually scan the sky for drones before releasing your balloons.
  • MediaFire Stratus currently supports single storage SATA devices up to 1TB in size. Raid devices are currently not supported.
  • MediaFire is not responsible for any misplaced data resulting from the MediaFire Stratus beta. Use at your own risk.

MediaFire Launches Walgreens QuickPrints Support

February 3rd, 2014

Instantly Print Your Photos at Over 3000 Walgreens Locations Throughout the US

Lets face it, for most of us, using home printers are a pain. From running out of cyan ink, to driver errors, it seems like every time you really need to use your printer, it doesn’t work.  This problem poses a particular challenge for hobbyist and professional photographers looking to share and display physical copies of their photos.

At MediaFire, we are always looking to add new and exciting features that make your life easier, which is why we are excited to announce the addition of Walgreens QuickPrints support for our online interface. With just one click, you can order prints and pick them up at your favorite Walgreens in as little as one hour.  With over 3000 locations throughout the US to choose from, QuickPrints makes it easier than ever to share and enjoy your photos.

With just one click, you can get prints for a single photo, or your entire gallery

Whether you are a professional photographer, or just looking to share your photos with your family and friends, MediaFire is committed to providing you with the best tools for managing your photos online.

Feel free to send any feedback or questions to brent at

-Thanks so much for being part of the MediaFire family!

From The MediaFire Team

Meet MediaFire Desktop: Our New Online Storage Syncing Service For OSX and Windows

November 21st, 2013


Meet MediaFire Desktop

Six months ago, the MediaFire team set out with a clear vision: to create the best online storage and file sharing service in the world. Today, we are bringing that vision to life with the beta launch of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly upload, collaborate, and share their media in the cloud.

Available today for free, MediaFire Desktop includes one of our most requested features: automatic file syncing. Designed to make uploading, sharing, and managing files a breeze, MediaFire Desktop comes with the storage you need to share and store all of your digital stuff (up to 50 gigs for free) and the flexibility to accommodate even the largest of data users. Paid plans start at 25 dollars a year for 100 gigs of storage: which is around half the cost of other online storage services.

To download MediaFire Desktop for free, visit:

MediaFire Desktop has been designed from the ground up to let you do more with your Media. From automatic web-based audio and video transcoding, to viewing your files on the go through your mobile device, MediaFire provides you with all of the online storage that you need for around half of the cost of other online storage services.

In addition to today’s product launch, we have implemented a ton of new features site-wide, including a complete revamp of our online interface. Some of our cool new features include:

Instantly Share files directly from your desktop via Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter

Use MediaFire Desktop’s Contact Management Screen to instantly share files with your contacts on Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter.

Sharing Permissions

Permission-based sharing allows you to control the level of access that your contacts have to specific files and folders. This feature is great for teams and small businesses!

Following Tools

MediaFire Desktop lets you follow shared files from other Desktop users, enabling you to instantly add, copy, and download files from others. Advanced monitoring tools let you track downloads and access, and notification let you know instantly when files are changed or modified.

SSL Everywhere

SSL access has been extended to all of the core MediaFire systems including downloads and text editing.

Automatic Audio & Video Transcoding

Download audio and video in the perfect optimized format for your device, instantly. Files can also be streamed at multiple resolutions in real-time, with over 200 supported viewable file formats available at launch.

We will continue to roll out new additional features and bugfixes over the coming weeks. Feel free to send any feedback or questions to brent at

-Thanks so much for being part of the MediaFire family!

From The MediaFire Team


To download our press kit, visit:



Big Things Are Coming To MediaFire (Stay Tuned)!

June 5th, 2013


It seems like everyone is getting involved in the cloud storage game. From Verizon to Microsoft, everyone is looking to store your files online. And yet, everyday computer users continue to struggle with the same problems on a day-to-day basis. Uploading all of your files into the cloud is a pain, sharing files with others is confusing, and managing data across all of your tablets, phones, laptops, and computers takes way too much time.

At MediaFire, we believe that you should be able to enjoy your media everywhere, without having to endlessly convert, grant permissions, or struggle with complicated and confusing menus. We also believe in empowering users to create and share their media. From photographers, to musicians, to developers, we want to make MediaFire the best online service for storing, sharing, and collaborating with people around the world.

Over the next three updates, we are looking to give you a whole new set of tools and features designed to enable you to do more with your media. From sharing your files, to putting your media into the cloud, MediaFire is on a mission to make your life a little easier.

We are looking forward to launching the first major platform update for our mobile and desktop applications in the next few months. Stay tuned, the next few months are going to be very exciting!

-Best, Brent

P.S. Are you a developer, member of the press, or creative professional interested in trying out our private beta?

Contact for more information.

Presenting The MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler

May 24th, 2013

For the launch of our new video and music streaming support, MediaFire has teamed up with several  exciting artists, videographers, and photographers to create an amazing free playlist to get your summer started!

Available for free, the MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler features downloadable and sharable music, video, and photo content created by some of our favorite artists, including the M Machine, David Heartbreak, Hrvrd, Menage Quad, Thunderbird Gerard, and others. Starting today, new MediaFire users can automatically access the within their MediaFire account.

Existing users and music fans can download the MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler by visiting:

Some of our favorite artists and tracks featured in the sampler include:

The M Machine: Tiny Anthem (MP3 and Music Video)
Hailing from San Francisco, CA, The M Machine is a critically acclaimed music trio known for pushing the boundaries of electronic sound. Their most recent album, Metropolis Pt. II highlights their experimental fusion of progressive dance and hypnotic melodies, and their music video for Tiny Anthem (found on the sampler) has to be seen to be believed.

Download and stream the video here
Download the track here
Follow The M Machine on Facebook

Menage Quad: Oh Dear
What do you get when you mix electro-swing music with hip-hop? Pure music gold. After going viral on Reddit early last month, Menage Quad is gearing up for an exciting summer tour season!

Download and stream their new single “Oh Dear” here
Follow Menage Quad on Facebook

David Heartbreak: Raindrops (Featuring Skylar Grey and the Party Squad)
Called the Kerouac of new Hip Hop, New York born producer and multi-instrumentalist Thunderbird Gerard is quickly becoming the herald of new age hip-hop-electronic music. Raindrops comes to us courtesy of the great folks at OWLSA (the record label co-founded by dubstep extraordinaire Skrillex)

Download and stream “Raindrops” here
Follow David Heartbreak on Facebook

Hrvrd: French Girls
Founded in 2004 by guitarists Lee Herrera and Jason Shaw, Hrvrd has progressively evolved into a quintet of brilliantly imaginative musicians. Hrvrd first hit our radar during SXSW this march, and the band is gearing up for an exciting summer tour with Say Anything. Hrvrd’s most recent release “From the Bird’s Cage” is currently available from Equal Vision Records.

Download and stream “French Girls” here
Follow Hrvrd on Facebook

Check out all of the above artists and more by visiting:

We will be writing up a follow-up post featuring additional musicians, photographers, and directors featured in the summer sampler. Stay tuned!


With 30 Million Registered Users, MediaFire Launches Native Music and Video Streaming Support!

May 22nd, 2013

We are very excited to announce today that MediaFire has reached 30 million registered users!

When we originally launched MediaFire in 2006, we aimed to provide online users with a simple solution for storing and sharing their files online. We envisioned a time where creative people would use the web to easily collaborate and share their content directly with their friends, family, and colleagues around the world.

Seven years later, we have become one of the biggest names in online storage, and we have you to thank for it! We are inspired every day by the powerful success stories of artists, photographers and creative people like you that use MediaFire to share and create amazing digital content.

Today, we are pleased to bring native video and music streaming support to MediaFire, enabling users to play their favorite MediaFire media directly through our Android, iOS, and Web interfaces.

For a limited time, in order to thank our loyal customers, MediaFire is offering fifty-percent discounts on all first-time purchases of our Pro and Business storage plans! Starting at $2.49 per month for 100 gigs of online storage.

To sign up or upgrade your MediaFire account, visit:

In order to showcase our new media streaming support, we have put together a special MediaFire “sampler” featuring music, video, and photo content created and shared by some of our favorite artists, including the M Machine, David Heartbreak, Hrvrd, Menage Quad, and others. New MediaFire users can access this content through the “sample” folder located within their  account.

Existing users can stream and download the summer 2013 sampler by visiting:

MediaFire Video Streaming-The M Machine

MediaFire’s New Streaming Video Player, Featuring the M Machine’s Tiny Anthem

Over the past few months, we have have seen incredible user growth, due to the incredible success of our free Android application, and we look forward to launching several new and exciting products and features over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, and keep creating!


Link to today’s press release and screenshots:


-Have a MediaFire story to share with us on this special occasion? Send me an email at


Happy Pi Day!

March 14th, 2013

Continuing the tradition established by Larry Shaw back in 1988, today on March 14, or 3.14, we are celebrating Pi Day!

Several members of our team here at MediaFire have brought in delicious home-cooked pies for the Pi Day Pie Competition. Congratulations to Maria who got the first place for her fancy Black-bottom pecan cheesecake! Yummy!

Also, we had quite a few participants in the Pi Reciting contest, one of them reciting in Chinese! Everyone did very well, but the winner today is Rabie who recited a hundred digits of Pi with his eyes closed, – literally! Good job, Rabie!

We all had a great time tasting so many varieties of pie and voting for the ones we liked most, cheering for our Pi reciting contestants, and just spending time together. We sure are looking forward to the next Pi Day!

And how are you celebrating  Pi Day? Don’t forget to tell us in a comment below!

The MediaFire Team


Perfect Weather for Real Texas Paintball!

March 12th, 2013

MediaFire could always boast of being a leisure-friendly company, not only providing everything necessary for work, but also creating the opportunity to express oneself, and just relax every once in a while. Many of you must’ve heard about our Friday team lunches, Halloween costume contests, Wednesday card games, Ping-Pong tournaments, holiday celebrations and more. You might think that this couldn’t get any better, – but it just did! Last week MediaFire organized a special event for its engineers – a whole day of paintball! It was a clear sunny day, just perfect for some freshly made burgers and grilled hot dogs, being outside, and having some fun!

This was an epic battle of Web vs. Desktop; conquering one field after another, each team fought the best they could for the victory. Winning some and losing some, the MediaFire team members were leaving the battle field with heated discussions after each game round trying to work out a better strategy for the next one.

In the end there was a lot of paint all over everyone, – that’s how you know it was a good game! After being enemies for a few hours, the MediaFire developers went back to being a team again by the end of the day.

To experience all this, and much more – join us today!

The MediaFire Team