MediaFire App of the Month – Solid Explorer


Solid Explorer is a dual pane file manager featuring Material Design with rich customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. The app provides wide support for cloud storages including MediaFire, network clients supporting FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDav and ability to manage Zip, 7Zip, Rar and Tar archives. Power users will also appreciate…

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MediaFire Blackberry owners, rejoice!

At MediaFire we believe that being able to access your data anytime from anywhere is a big deal. Today we are excited to announce our official app for the Blackberry platform. This initial release has many of the features you’ve come to expect from a MediaFire such as file management, document preview, and audio streaming,…

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MediaFire App of the Month – CloudBeats

CloudBeats is the perfect solution to access your entire music library without taking up any extra device space. Listen to your music, audiobooks and podcasts directly from the Mediafire cloud and have instant access to your files anywhere in the world. Save space on your device as you no longer need to keep large audio…

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TAMU Hackathon at Texas A&M: Will the Next Zuckerberg Be From Texas?


Last weekend, over 500 student developers gathered at Texas A&M’s Rudder Tower to participate in TAMUHack, a 28 hour nonstop hackathon designed to foster the next generation of great developers and technology startups in Texas. The event featured sponsors and speakers from some of the leading minds in development and technology, including representatives from Major…

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Physically Send Your Media Into Any Cloud With MediaFire Stratus Beta


For the last year, our engineers have been hard at work creating a solution for users who want to be able to easily put all of their important videos, music, movies, and files into the cloud, without access to an internet connection. Today, we are pleased to announce the beta launch of MediaFire Stratus, a…

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MediaFire iPhone App Available Today

Today, we’re proud to announce that the MediaFire iPhone app is now available for download in the iTunes App Store! iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mediafire/id555646196?mt=8 The MediaFire iPhone app provides all basic functionality for registered MediaFire users to access, view, and share their files.  You can view your pictures and galleries, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs and you…

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MediaFire Express 0.13 – Now With Screenshot Annotation!

Hi everyone! We are pleased to announce the release of MediaFire Express 0.13!  This new release includes a vastly improved screen-capture tool which makes sharing and annotating screenshots a breeze. You can download MediaFire Express here: http://www.mediafire.com/software/express/tour.php Let’s say you’re trying to explain a problem with your application to tech support and they aren’t getting…

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MediaFire Express 0.12.0 Update

We are pleased to announce the release of MediaFire Express 0.12.0. New functionality has been added!  One of the most visible changes in this new release is that the status panel (i.e., the small window with a progress bar that appears in the corner of the screen while uploads are underway) can now show pending…

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MediaFire Express Beta Updates

We’ve gotten some great feedback since we launched MediaFire Express Beta last week. Today we’re releasing updates to both the Windows and Mac versions to fix some bugs and add a few new features. If you already have MediaFire Express Beta installed, you should receive the update automatically if you haven’t already. You can download…

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MediaFire Uploads up to 60% Faster

MediaFire uploads are now up to 60% faster then previously. Our new upload server, Big Upload, was released Friday and has shown up to a 60% increase over our previous implementation. This change is currently only for the Advanced uploader, not the basic uploader. There were a couple of bugs that have been fixed as…

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