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Presenting The MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler

Friday, May 24th, 2013

For the launch of our new video and music streaming support, MediaFire has teamed up with several  exciting artists, videographers, and photographers to create an amazing free playlist to get your summer started!

Available for free, the MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler features downloadable and sharable music, video, and photo content created by some of our favorite artists, including the M Machine, David Heartbreak, Hrvrd, Menage Quad, Thunderbird Gerard, and others. Starting today, new MediaFire users can automatically access the within their MediaFire account.

Existing users and music fans can download the MediaFire Summer 2013 Sampler by visiting:

Some of our favorite artists and tracks featured in the sampler include:

The M Machine: Tiny Anthem (MP3 and Music Video)
Hailing from San Francisco, CA, The M Machine is a critically acclaimed music trio known for pushing the boundaries of electronic sound. Their most recent album, Metropolis Pt. II highlights their experimental fusion of progressive dance and hypnotic melodies, and their music video for Tiny Anthem (found on the sampler) has to be seen to be believed.

Download and stream the video here
Download the track here
Follow The M Machine on Facebook

Menage Quad: Oh Dear
What do you get when you mix electro-swing music with hip-hop? Pure music gold. After going viral on Reddit early last month, Menage Quad is gearing up for an exciting summer tour season!

Download and stream their new single “Oh Dear” here
Follow Menage Quad on Facebook

David Heartbreak: Raindrops (Featuring Skylar Grey and the Party Squad)
Called the Kerouac of new Hip Hop, New York born producer and multi-instrumentalist Thunderbird Gerard is quickly becoming the herald of new age hip-hop-electronic music. Raindrops comes to us courtesy of the great folks at OWLSA (the record label co-founded by dubstep extraordinaire Skrillex)

Download and stream “Raindrops” here
Follow David Heartbreak on Facebook

Hrvrd: French Girls
Founded in 2004 by guitarists Lee Herrera and Jason Shaw, Hrvrd has progressively evolved into a quintet of brilliantly imaginative musicians. Hrvrd first hit our radar during SXSW this march, and the band is gearing up for an exciting summer tour with Say Anything. Hrvrd’s most recent release “From the Bird’s Cage” is currently available from Equal Vision Records.

Download and stream “French Girls” here
Follow Hrvrd on Facebook

Check out all of the above artists and more by visiting:

We will be writing up a follow-up post featuring additional musicians, photographers, and directors featured in the summer sampler. Stay tuned!


MediaFire Express 0.13 – Now With Screenshot Annotation!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Hi everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of MediaFire Express 0.13!  This new release includes a vastly improved screen-capture tool which makes sharing and annotating screenshots a breeze.

You can download MediaFire Express here:

Let’s say you’re trying to explain a problem with your application to tech support and they aren’t getting what you’re trying to tell them? Take a screenshot of the problem, highlight the area where the problem appears, add text pithily explaining what it all means and draw an arrow from the text to the highlighted area.

On a more mischievous note: screenshot a funny picture, add your friends name to it and email it to your group. Or use the highlight tool to draw a mustache and Captain Morgan hat on a celebrity.   Take a screenshot of a group picture from your company’s website and add the caption “Where’s Waldo?’     (Tip: Google “Funny screenshots” for more ideas for ways you can amuse your friends and annoy your enemies with MediaFire Express’ screenshot annotations.)

Here’s a quick demo of how it looks:
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
In addition to the annotations, we fixed a few bugs and added a couple more features so make sure you update your MediaFire Express to take advantage of all the new goodness.

Here’s a list of everything that’s new in this version:

New features:

  • The Screenshot tool has received a major increase in functionality.  Now the screenshot tool enables the user to annotate screenshot images with arrows, text, boxes and highlighting areas (e.g., text.)  Adding the ability to emphasize areas of interest greatly increases the value and utility of taking screenshots.
  • User can now select the destination MyFiles’ folder when a file is uploaded.  Users can disable this feature via the “preferences” tab.
  • Now the context sensitive popup menu no longer shows the “Upload to MediaFire…” menu item after the user terminates Express.
  • Now the blue button on the status panel that shows the list of pending uploads is removed when no uploads are underway.
  • Now the Status Panel’s cancel button will close the Status Panel if no uploads are underway.

Bug fixes:

  • Previously the systray menu was occasionally (and randomly) disabled after the user logged-in.
  • Previously the display of folders would be incorrectly displayed if the user had a high number of folders within MyFiles
  • Previously, under some conditions, the Password Strength indicator would incorrectly show “too short.”
  • Express supports neither OS X 10.4 nor OS X 10.5.  Now attempting to install Express on these OSes will generate a dialog explaining that Express cannot be installed.
  • Now the user is prevented from creating an account with the following unsupported characters: ‘\’, ‘<’ and ‘”’.
  • Now the password field in the Account Setting dialog is limited to 15 characters, as per the website’s limitations
  • Now Express will no longer incorrectly log a person out if it is started when the network is down
  • Now Express will no longer truncate the list of folders presented to the user when the number of folders within MyFiles is over something like 200 folders.
  • Now folder names with an ampersand (&) are no longer truncated at the ampersand (i.e., “Home & Garden” no longer becomes “Home”.)

Make sure to download the latest version (0.13) here:

Keep the feedback coming!


The MediaFire Team


MediaFire Uploads up to 60% Faster

Monday, October 25th, 2010

MediaFire uploads are now up to 60% faster then previously. Our new upload server, Big Upload, was released Friday and has shown up to a 60% increase over our previous implementation. This change is currently only for the Advanced uploader, not the basic uploader.

There were a couple of bugs that have been fixed as of Monday afternoon.


My Files Page Performance Upgrades

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Hi all,

Just another quick update to let everyone know about some performance upgrades we’ve just rolled out for the My Files page. While all of the updates are behind the scenes, most users should see a performance increase of 60% to 75% and in some cases up to 30 times faster.

Thanks again for all the feedback, we’ll keep you posed as we continue to roll out updates and new features.

- Tom

Image System Updates Completed

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Hi all,

Just a quick update regarding the image system and our newly supported image formats.
All images site-wide should be back to normal including any images now supported by the new system. We now support all jpg, png, png 24/32, ico, tff, pcx, bmp, and gif images and any previously uploaded images of those formats will now be displayed with thumbnails and embed links as well.

Thanks again for your patience and as always keep the feedback coming, we love to hear how you’re using the site.

- Tom

Monday Updates

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I hope everyone’s having a great Monday today.  We released another set of updates to the site early this morning that updated a wide range of features and fixed some pesky bugs.  These updates and fixes include:

  • Sorting order and number of files shown per page are now saved between visits to the My Files page and shared folders
  • Bug fixed that caused false positives for a virus when password protected zip files are uploaded.
  • Added a link when you visit your own shared folder that helps you return to your My Files page to manage your files.
  • Fixed status messages that would sometimes disappear right away
  • Increased the maximum file name size from 40 characters to 100 characters to support longer file names

With any luck, this should conclude our launch cycle of the this latest version of MediaFire and MediaPro services. With most of the small updates and fixes rolled out we’re proceeding with the development of some exciting new features to further enhance the site. Help guide the development of MediaFire by submitting your feedback and suggestions. We read every one of them, and we’d love to hear what would make MediaFire even more useful for you in your daily life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
- Tom

In the Olympic spirit…

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

We’ve made a fix today that should help out many of our international users. MediaFire now supports all language character sets so if you’ve been uploading files with international characters in the file names you can now expect them to be displayed correctly throughout the site.

We also released a new version of the flash uploader that should fix a few small bugs and includes some visual updates as well as updated our image hosting system to fix a bug that was resulting in “File Not Found” images for some image uploads. That’s all for now, it’s time for some Olympic beach volleyball semifinals!