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MediaFire 2021

MediaFire 2021 Feature Image

TLDR; MediaFire launched a brand new set of web and mobile apps! You might not have noticed, except for some significant performance improvements, because they look just like the old ones. Under the hood, however, this is a huge upgrade – these “MF2021” apps represent a major improvement to our development environment and our ability…

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Our Favorite Apps For Your New Tablet and Phone This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, which means great food, and wonderful memories with your friends and family. For many gadget lovers, it also means a whole new set of electronic toys, tablets, and smartphones. At MediaFire, we are passionate about saving and sharing all of your holiday memories, which is why we’ve put together…

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MediaFire For Android Features Automatic Backup, Instant Sharing, and More

The MediaFire team is pleased to announce an exciting update for our Android users! Available today for free on Google Play, the update brings several highly anticipated features to our critically acclaimed Android app, including automatic photo and video syncing, enhanced video and music streaming performance, new mobile sharing options, and a brand new “high…

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MediaFire Launches Walgreens QuickPrints Support

Lets face it, for most of us, using home printers are a pain. From running out of cyan ink, to driver errors, it seems like every time you really need to use your printer, it doesn’t work.  This problem poses a particular challenge for hobbyist and professional photographers looking to share and display physical copies…

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