MediaFire App of the Month — WinZip 20

WinZip 20 Makes it Easy to Take Control of Your Digital Life 

With proven zipping power and exciting new file management and sharing features, WinZip 20 is the perfect complement to MediaFire.

Finally, it’s easy to take control of your files and protect your digital life. Take advantage of a single place where you can browse, open, manage and share all the files on your PC, network and cloud storage accounts — including MediaFire. Open and edit a cloud file in the applications you use every day and WinZip will update it in the cloud for you. Use WinZip to zip and encrypt files before you save to the cloud to make sure your private information is protected.

If you like sharing photos, you’ll appreciate the handy photo workflow built into WinZip 20. Browse your PC and network files to find the photos you want to share. Resize photos in WinZip, add watermarks if you wish and share them to your cloud services, social sites, by email or by IM.

As your collections of files, cloud storage, and social media accounts become increasingly complex, WinZip can help you work faster and more safely than before. Check out all this and more with WinZip’s free 45-day trial at Experience a fast and flexible new way to manage all your files—with protection you can count on.