MediaFire Express 0.12.0 Update

We are pleased to announce the release of MediaFire Express 0.12.0.

New functionality has been added!  One of the most visible changes in this new release is that the status panel (i.e., the small window with a progress bar that appears in the corner of the screen while uploads are underway) can now show pending uploads.  The user can now cancel pending uploads shown in the status panel.

Now users can control whether Express will follow a shortcut (on Windows) or symbolic links (on Macintosh and Linux) when conducting an upload.  For example, if following shortcuts is enabled and the user uploads a folder containing a shortcut then Express will uploaded the file referenced by the shortcut, even if this file is not located in or under the uploaded folder.  If following shortcuts and symbolic links is disabled then the files referenced by shortcuts and symbolic links will be ignored.

Now users can control whether Express will ignore hidden files and folders during an upload.  If so configured, Express will not upload hidden files and folders.

Now Express will use system proxy settings so that it can access the Internet even the network is isolated from the Internet by a proxy server.

MediaFire Express Change Log:

Release 0.12.0

New Features:

  • Status Panel now can show pending uploads.
  • Now the user can control whether Express will upload files and folder behind a short cut (Windows) or Symbolic Link (Mac or Linux)
  • Now Express pops a dialog to notify the user when “no update is available” after the user clicks “check for update” at a time that no update is available.
  • The prompt that alerts the user that a “new version of Express is available now” shows the available release
  • Now clicking on “Current Default Folder” control will launch the “MediaFire Default Folder Setup” dialog
  • Now the screen capture tool’s control box remains presented if the user presses the ‘save’ or ‘print’ button.

Bug fixes

  • Now updating the Mac version of Express should not force the user to provide log-in and password again.
  • Under some circumstances Express exhibited high CPU  usage during log-in. This problem is fixed.
  • Now the “Cancel” button, in the “Express” Options menu, will cause Express to forget unapplied changes
  • The Dashboard’s “forget history” button is now working again

Release 0.11.0

  • This was a housekeeping release.
  • We’ve removed the word ‘beta’ from a number of dialogs.
  • We incorporated some bug fixes.
  • We tweaked the “Forgot your password language; now the user can select the “Lost Password” URL in the dialog and copy it to the clipboard.

Release 0.10.0

New Features

  • Added an ‘preferences’ tab to the Options menu
  • Now MediaFire Express can be configured to automatically start when OS X or Linux boots.
  • Now Automatically starting MediaFire Express  when Windows starts can be configured from within Express
  • Now the update progress bar only shows if the user invokes an update.  Automatic updates do not trigger the download progress bar
  • Clicking the thumbnail in the “setup complete” dialog launches the tour

Bug fixes

  • Now MediaFire Express’ Drop Zone doesn’t suddenly minimize full-screen games.   In a related note, the MediaFire Team extends its heartfelt apologies to everybody who was mercilessly mowed-down by his friends when your game was unexpected minimized by MediaFire Express at a critical moment!
  • Now, on Unbuntu files can be uploaded by drag and drop
  • Now Express should not occasionally create dual systray icons
  • Now the Screenshot tool’s ‘print’ button works on Unbuntu
  • The user was incorrectly unable to invoke a manual update before the two hour timer expired
Thank you again for all the feedback about MediaFire Express, we’re excited it’s been so well received.  As always, let us know how we can continue to improve it!

The MediaFire Team

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  1. CoffeeCup on April 30, 2012 at 8:30 am

    First thing first, desktop application is blessing from heaven! Uploading via browsers are untrustworthy since browser colud crash anytime! (No use changing browser. All of it crash!)

    But sometime when I upload, when it finish the progress bar turn back and start upload from the begining again. The last time this happen I let it upload again after it finish and restart, when it finish it just start all over again! No file being upload when check in file manager!