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New document view on My Files page

It was just a little over a year ago when drag and drop functionality was added to our My Files page.  Today we’ve got something even cooler to show you, if you take a look at your files you might notice a few new features, including a new document view available at the top right of the page.

Now you can view and share all common types of document, spreadsheet, presentation, and pdf files right from within your MediaFire account. The documents you’re viewing actually rendered text on the page, so you can select, copy, and interact with the text. It’s not only possible to view full documents, but now you can actually see previews of your documents in the file browser too.

Want to see how it works? I thought you would! Check out a document example with our fact-kit here: or take a closer look at the screenshots below:

This is all in beta right now, and we’re still working on perfecting the technology. But go ahead and upload some document files and try it out! In the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing a similar update to our image gallery pages and more overall improvements to our image system.


Tom Langridge – Co-Founder, VP Corporate Communications

9 Responses to “New document view on My Files page”

  1. Simeon Prince Says:

    Great features. i applaud your innovations. Please include support for the .odt format ( OpenOffice & LibreOffice )
    Then it will be complete.

  2. Simeon Prince Says:

    Seems you already put that support for .odt. I would say it’s perfect! Thank you to all the folks at

  3. Christian Sisson Says:

    MediaFire is getting better all the time.

  4. Mukesh Says:

    congratulations for the new upgrade…
    How much document types are supported?? .pdf .doc .ppt .one??

  5. zfc Says:

    Thanks for the addition of this useful feature. However, I would suggest you add the search function to the document viewing interface to make it more perfect. Thank you.

  6. Allen Miller Says:

    It is great but it doesn’t support other language such as Thai, Chinese etc.

  7. Ferdinando Says:

    you will ad support for embed video files?

  8. Melicaster Says:

    Hi… How about the mobile version of MediaFire…?

  9. Jimmy Says:

    Love You Mediafire you ROX !
    You people can also provide online video streaming service too :)

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