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MediaFire, Now with Drag and Drop

MediaFire now supports Drag and Drop file uploads and Drag and Drop file and image management. Get a taste of what you can do by watching the mini-tour below.

15 Responses to “MediaFire, Now with Drag and Drop”

  1. drake Says:

    Wow ~ the new interface looks great !!!

    Now it would be even better if you guys upgrade the MF Pro statistics system. As a pro user who has high volume of traffic i think that the system is somewhat useless.

    Well, do your best MF team ~
    Best regards,

  2. Kaavalan Says:


    Happy to see the new changes. But Many features which were before is missing. The option to select all files, folders, etc were missing which i use then frequently. so suppose if i have more than 100 photos in a folder and if i want to move all 100 files to some other folder then i use the select all option but now i have to select all the files individually.

    And also i used to edit the file names regularly and it was easy before just by clicking the Edit file option and Edit the file names, but now its bit hard to edit files.

    Can you make the necessary changes if possible.


  3. MarteIrae Says:

    Great news! Pitty that doesn’t work entirely well with Opera browser (wich supports HTML 5). Anyway, good work guys!

  4. npyx Says:

    I believe every mediafire user appreciates the effort for making things better, but it would be better if you gave the option to choose betwwen the old and the new interface. Please do so. The new one doesn’t seem very user-friendly to me. I’m sure many people are yearning for the old interface just because they’re accustomed to it or because it seems more practical. Some people (me, for example) especially hate that popping-up-box-thingies. Anyway, I hope you’ll consider putting “the old interface” option on your site. You’re the best file sharing site, please keep it that way.

  5. Parallax Says:

    excellent stuff, it feels much more user friendly and yet has the same reliability as typical file select! nice!

  6. JayTandean Says:

    Great work on the new system.

    Btw, I’ve little suggestion. How if make some room for dropdown option icon permanently instead moved the file or folder name bit to the right every time when they are being pointed by mouse cursor.

  7. Truyen nguoi lon Says:

    Please consider redesigning the folder list box. I have a lot of folder and the new folder list make it really hard to manage them. Have to click a lot just to reach the bottom of my list.

  8. Blog Says:

    wow, i love MF :x

  9. blackpooza Says:

    you guys are the best! stay awesome. :)

  10. amin Says:

    hi mediafire
    Great work and Happy to see the new changes in site
    Best regards,

  11. salim Says:


    mediafire site is filtered in iran

    cant you give me https link to use it

  12. JrrMaster Says:

    thanks mediafire, I really really like your website :D

  13. gabe Says:

    Drag and drop is awesome. I wish more sites would have this feature. Thank you!

  14. Loker Seni Says:

    Media Fire its Amazing…

  15. romina Says:

    media fire its best and very very nice

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