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Performance Updates

In the past few months the popularity of MediaFire has increased significantly and with it we’ve encountered many performance challenges along the way.  Recently we’ve focused our efforts on significantly optimizing the general performance of all components of the site in order to serve this increased demand as efficiently as possible.  Over the past few days we’ve rolled out several updates that are designed to increase page load speeds, rendering speeds, and generally make the experience of navigating your MediaFire accounts as quick and seamless as possible.  You should notice that pages load faster, most notably on the front page, download pages and on your My Files pages.  On a fast connection pages may already have been loading quickly enough that you might not notice too much of a difference, however in tests we’ve seen page load time cut by more than half on an average internet connection.  Let us know what you think!  There’s more to come too, so stay tuned for further developments in the coming weeks.


35 Responses to “Performance Updates”

  1. MarteIrae Says:

    You’re doing a great, great job guys! I love MediaFire!

  2. new Says:

    you wont believe…today i uploaded a pretty big file at 86 MBps!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was like…OMG! im gonna PROOOOOOOOOOO!!! :)

  3. Zi Says:

    MEDIAFIRE IS BEST HOSTING SITE !!!!!!!!! its awesome

  4. Takeshi Says:

    Hello Tom,

    Yes, pages load much faster. I can feel it. Thanks a million.

    Best wishes,

  5. Lugan Says:

    Mediafire rocks! :D

  6. Tee Says:

    Mediafire is #1 as storage!!! Thanks for makin the updates & EVERYTHING!!! LOVE THE NEW UPDATES!!!!!

  7. Sushi Dude Says:

    I use you file hosting from my website, blog and my forum! Now it is just awesome!

  8. EGoldRain Says:

    it’s wonderful to use I luv U

  9. Ahmon Says:

    MediaFire is the best file sharing site I’ve ever seen so far oO’
    -> Fast uploads
    -> Fast downloads
    -> Fast everything o/

  10. Nam Says:

    Clean & cool interface , high speed , easy to use … nothing to complain about MediaFire . ^_^

  11. Leonzero Says:

    Mediafire is the best server, it’s amazing, =D

  12. Darko Says:

    Hey guys, with the lastest updates, this make great and awesome!!, best file hosting ever, thanks!!!

  13. EmPMo Says:

    I love this site. its amazing. please keep up the fantastic service.

  14. klayton Says:

    mediafire is perfect in every aspect!


  15. pso Says:

    Tee says:

    Mediafire is #1 as storage!!! Thanks for makin the updates & EVERYTHING!!! LOVE THE NEW UPDATES!!!!!

    and I concur!
    Great job MediaFire!
    Number 1 in my book


  16. Iman Says:

    MediaFire is absolutely the best Hosting file in the world. I wish MediaFire exist for ever.
    Thanks for building such a grate website.

  17. MICHhimself Says:

    Nice updates, I’m glad you’re keeping the hardware up to date, to keep on going with one of the best services online!

    I use mediafire to share pieces of music I’m working on, it’s a lot easier uploading here, and then just sharing the linky with everyone I want it to hear.

    Thanks for the great service!

  18. Bi Says:

    Many’s Thank for update…^^!

  19. Xico Says:

    Thanks mediafire team!!! :)

  20. Mustafa Ahmedzai Says:

    I really love this site. Media Fire is really the best file hosting website and it will remain the best if it remains free forever :D

  21. Kevin Says:

    Mediafire is web tools at it’s finest.
    Thank you

  22. mohamed Says:

    i love mediafire it’s the best

  23. wise Says:

    MediFire is the Best Online File Sharing Service, faster then the others and more comfortable, and it is free – wow … I LOVE IT

  24. Julia Says:

    You are the best!

  25. aurora Says:

    Mediafire I just Love You xD :D

  26. Jony Says:

    I love this site. I will be loyal

  27. Andie Says:

    Love you sooo much!

    Make some cool “stickers” and ‘banners” so we can spread around?! ^_^


  28. ewerkboy Says:

    Thanks for create Mediafire!!!

  29. Abdelrahman Ashour Says:

    Thank you very much mediafire

  30. wozki dzieciece Says:

    Good job! I will back to your blog soon!

  31. Candra Says:



    mediafire is so fucking awesome!!!1!

  33. Ted Says:

    OMG! Mediafire is the best HOSTING site EVAR! I’ve been using for so long and I have to say i’m pretty impressed =). Even for a free account, no waiting time, download manager enabled =)


  34. Mike Says:

    I LOVE mediafire. The downloads are instant with no wait times and are speedy. Much better than any other host

  35. Darketernity Says:

    You guys must get tired of it BUT Mediafire is by far my most preferred file hosting site :)
    Thankyou for making such a wonderful service available to us all :)

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