Getting Free Storage Space

There’s only one step in this tip! We’ve made it super easy for you to earn free storage space for your MediaFire account. Just hop over to this page: Or click the Earn free space button over yonder:

You’ll see a bunch of ways to expand your storage space, absolutely free, and it never expires. It’s yours for the life of your account. You’re welcome.

How do you earn it though? The easiest ways that we can recommend would be connecting your Facebook or Twitter account. If you share MediaFire with your friends, we’ll give you extra space just for connecting and posting!

From there, the rest of the options all follow the same idea, if you invite more of your friends to use MediaFire, we’ll give you more and more storage space, up to a total of 50GB! This earned storage space never expires – it’s yours for the life of your account.

That’s the end of our getting started series of tips! So go and share all the things! And if you’re looking for even more space, security, or features, check out everything that comes with an upgraded package. Basically, the free account is like having free cake. Always a good thing. But an upgraded package is like free cake with frosting. And candles. And sprinkles. So much more awesome. Check it out.