Happy Pi Day!

Continuing the tradition established by Larry Shaw back in 1988, today on March 14, or 3.14, we are celebrating Pi Day!

Several members of our team here at MediaFire have brought in delicious home-cooked pies for the Pi Day Pie Competition. Congratulations to Maria who got the first place for her fancy Black-bottom pecan cheesecake! Yummy!

Also, we had quite a few participants in the Pi Reciting contest, one of them reciting in Chinese! Everyone did very well, but the winner today is Rabie who recited a hundred digits of Pi with his eyes closed, – literally! Good job, Rabie!

We all had a great time tasting so many varieties of pie and voting for the ones we liked most, cheering for our Pi reciting contestants, and just spending time together. We sure are looking forward to the next Pi Day!

And how are you celebrating ย Pi Day? Don’t forget to tell us in a comment below!

The MediaFire Team