Monday Updates

I hope everyone’s having a great Monday today.ย  We released another set of updates to the site early this morning that updated a wide range of features and fixed some pesky bugs.ย  These updates and fixes include:

  • Sorting order and number of files shown per page are now saved between visits to the My Files page and shared folders
  • Bug fixed that caused false positives for a virus when password protected zip files are uploaded.
  • Added a link when you visit your own shared folder that helps you return to your My Files page to manage your files.
  • Fixed status messages that would sometimes disappear right away
  • Increased the maximum file name size from 40 characters to 100 characters to support longer file names

With any luck, this should conclude our launch cycle of the this latest version of MediaFire and MediaPro services. With most of the small updates and fixes rolled out we’re proceeding with the development of some exciting new features to further enhance the site. Help guide the development of MediaFire by submitting your feedback and suggestions. We read every one of them, and we’d love to hear what would make MediaFire even more useful for you in your daily life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
– Tom