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Some minor tweaks

For users with a large amount of files in your account, we have a new MyFiles loading status bar that will  indicate the progress loading files including the amount of second elapsed and the number of files thus far loaded.

Uploader controls have been retooled to make them more intuitive, the minimize feature of the uploader is now much more clear.

Before you delete or move a file in your account, you will be notified if the account has been modified from another session.  This prevents 2 people logged into the same account at the same time from stepping on each other.

A design style update was applied to the main page to make the video tour more prominent.

A number of MyFiles bugs were fixed with some more fixes coming early next week.


19 Responses to “Some minor tweaks”

  1. Josh Says:

    Ahhh. MediaFire… Xmarks top rated site for file hosting… mediafire is awesome and your making it even more awesome. Thank you.

  2. Jinxing Says:

    Thank you so much for new improvement, Sir. Derek. I love Mediafire at all. Last night, I’v tried upload files. I never seen any IO Error while uploading them. Loading files in my account is faster and the progress indicator is really useful.
    Best wish with you Derek.

  3. Stanley Says:

    Thank you MediaFire, Love your awesome service! =)
    Keep up the great work!

  4. ahha Says:

    I can not load MyFile! The status alway stop at Loading… for a long time. And Speed of downloader too slow. But, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to say: I love Mediafire so much

  5. xeonice Says:

    I agree that Mediafire is an incredible web site of storage of files, he competes with one of more efficient that there can be: and I believe that the only thing, THE ONLY ONE that separates them is that the last one realizes uploads of up to 2 gb. Although Mediafire overcomes it in popularity, I believe that (at least minimum) should support uploads of 300 mb to be definitely the best, to my taste at least. I believe that he is a great server, use it some time ago and my firsts files continue there, and this is what makes me happy of his service ^^

    Only one small doubt, I am thinking about remembering that MediaFire had previously a points service: no? perhaps I made a mistake.

    My cordial greetings.

    PD: My native language is not English so I wait forgive me for the incomprehension of my text.

  6. dodobird Says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to express how much I love mediafire. It’s by far the best filesharing site I’ve ever used.
    Simple, clear interface, fast up/downloading, and great reliability. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. smiley Says:

    Say no more. Awesome service…

  8. bcarter Says:

    The service is great, but there are a few things that could make it better. One of these would be to allow customization / control of the dropbox elements through the use of CSS. Just a small thing.

  9. rangaD Says:

    Superb!! as usual

    Keep it up guys.

  10. Bramj Says:

    Very well thanks

  11. ta3lob Says:

    media fire is great
    i like this website
    i upload all files to it

  12. Cl2eeD Says:

    Mediafire is great
    thank for the file hosting

  13. Whtrz Says:

    I’ve been using mediafire for 6 months now, and its been workign perfectly – now all I’m getting is IO Errors, and no one seems to know why. It happens on both Firefox and Chrome, and on both the basic and Flash uploaders. Its an 80mb mp3.

    I have Windows XP and am on Virgin broadband.

    Any suggestions?

  14. derek Says:

    Its Virgin Broadband routing your uploads through a special proxy server that causes corruption. They do this from time to time, please complain to them.

  15. sruthi Says:

    the best of all file uploading sites in the internet which has been spoonfeeding millions of file sharing and downloading users and your service is great, however only one suggestion from my side I am looking for a better and attractive design for your website

  16. freegamezcity Says:

    i have been using mediafire since 3 years it,s a best file hosting site thank you very much to all off its team and workers .The service is best. I love mediafire so much and satisfied.the best filesharing site I’ve ever used.
    Simple,fast up/downloading, and great reliability,sharing files . Thank you and keep it up the good work.thak you again to all team and GOD bless you for ever.

  17. Qoms Says:

    from now on I will always be with you

  18. Says:

    I love MediaFire very very much. MediaFire is the best choice of the best host files (for free).

  19. akshayadi Says:

    i like this, i’ll upload my files

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