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MediaFire Celebrates the Official Launch of MediaFire Desktop With New Storage Plans; Get 1TB of Cloud Storage for Just $2.50

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

New Native Apps Are On The Way for iPad and Android!

Today, we are excited to  announced the public release of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly share, upload, and store their media in the cloud, directly from their desktop and Mobile Devices.

Since we launched our beta in November, over 2 million MediaFire users have used our desktop app; providing helpful feedback to our team as we have added new features and improved performance. We couldn’t have reached this important milestone without your support! (special thanks goes out to Jared Newman from Time Magazine, who pushed us to go the extra mile!)

To celebrate our official launch, we’ve completely overhauled our consumer cloud storage plans, giving users one terabyte of cloud storage for only five dollars a month. Now users can safely store and share all of their photos, videos, and files in the cloud, without having to worry about file size limits. As an added bonus, for a limited time, MediaFire is offering half off all storage plans, enabling new users to sign up for just two dollars and fifty cents per month!

We’ve also listened to our community, and are announcing several major updates, including:

  • No file-size upload limits: both free and paid users can upload individual files up to 20 gigs in size (When using native 64 bit browsers such as Firefox).
  •  A major update to MediaFire Desktop: Our latest update officially brings MediaFire Desktop out of Beta, squashing bugs and delivering major speed upgrades and stability fixes. To download MediaFire Desktop, visit:
  • Upcoming Native apps for iPad and Android:  These will be available over the next few weeks, and will introduce a host of new features, including automatic photo syncing directly from your Android mobile device. For early press access to our private betas, email
  • A complete overhaul of our API’s and Developer Resource Portal: Our new API’s enable web developers to quickly integrate MediaFire Storage and file sharing directly into their applications. Visit our developer portal here:
  • Native SDK’s will be coming for all major platforms and languages. For more information, or to enroll in our beta development program, email


Over the next few months, we will be launching several new and exciting products, including new and updated applications for iPad and Android (A screenshot of our iPad App can be found above).

Stay Tuned!


The MediaFire Team



How Can MediaFire Afford to Offer Users Such Lucrative Prices?

  • We operate and own all of our own servers and network infrastructure, which allows us to undercut our competitors when it comes to cost. Many of our competitors rely on AWS, which is both cost prohibitive, and introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Meet MediaFire Desktop: Our New Online Storage Syncing Service For OSX and Windows

Thursday, November 21st, 2013


Meet MediaFire Desktop

Six months ago, the MediaFire team set out with a clear vision: to create the best online storage and file sharing service in the world. Today, we are bringing that vision to life with the beta launch of MediaFire Desktop, a free application for OSX and Windows that enables users to instantly upload, collaborate, and share their media in the cloud.

Available today for free, MediaFire Desktop includes one of our most requested features: automatic file syncing. Designed to make uploading, sharing, and managing files a breeze, MediaFire Desktop comes with the storage you need to share and store all of your digital stuff (up to 50 gigs for free) and the flexibility to accommodate even the largest of data users. Paid plans start at 25 dollars a year for 100 gigs of storage: which is around half the cost of other online storage services.

To download MediaFire Desktop for free, visit:

MediaFire Desktop has been designed from the ground up to let you do more with your Media. From automatic web-based audio and video transcoding, to viewing your files on the go through your mobile device, MediaFire provides you with all of the online storage that you need for around half of the cost of other online storage services.

In addition to today’s product launch, we have implemented a ton of new features site-wide, including a complete revamp of our online interface. Some of our cool new features include:

Instantly Share files directly from your desktop via Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter

Use MediaFire Desktop’s Contact Management Screen to instantly share files with your contacts on Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter.

Sharing Permissions

Permission-based sharing allows you to control the level of access that your contacts have to specific files and folders. This feature is great for teams and small businesses!

Following Tools

MediaFire Desktop lets you follow shared files from other Desktop users, enabling you to instantly add, copy, and download files from others. Advanced monitoring tools let you track downloads and access, and notification let you know instantly when files are changed or modified.

SSL Everywhere

SSL access has been extended to all of the core MediaFire systems including downloads and text editing.

Automatic Audio & Video Transcoding

Download audio and video in the perfect optimized format for your device, instantly. Files can also be streamed at multiple resolutions in real-time, with over 200 supported viewable file formats available at launch.

We will continue to roll out new additional features and bugfixes over the coming weeks. Feel free to send any feedback or questions to brent at

-Thanks so much for being part of the MediaFire family!

From The MediaFire Team


To download our press kit, visit:



With 30 Million Registered Users, MediaFire Launches Native Music and Video Streaming Support!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

We are very excited to announce today that MediaFire has reached 30 million registered users!

When we originally launched MediaFire in 2006, we aimed to provide online users with a simple solution for storing and sharing their files online. We envisioned a time where creative people would use the web to easily collaborate and share their content directly with their friends, family, and colleagues around the world.

Seven years later, we have become one of the biggest names in online storage, and we have you to thank for it! We are inspired every day by the powerful success stories of artists, photographers and creative people like you that use MediaFire to share and create amazing digital content.

Today, we are pleased to bring native video and music streaming support to MediaFire, enabling users to play their favorite MediaFire media directly through our Android, iOS, and Web interfaces.

For a limited time, in order to thank our loyal customers, MediaFire is offering fifty-percent discounts on all first-time purchases of our Pro and Business storage plans! Starting at $2.49 per month for 100 gigs of online storage.

To sign up or upgrade your MediaFire account, visit:

In order to showcase our new media streaming support, we have put together a special MediaFire “sampler” featuring music, video, and photo content created and shared by some of our favorite artists, including the M Machine, David Heartbreak, Hrvrd, Menage Quad, and others. New MediaFire users can access this content through the “sample” folder located within their  account.

Existing users can stream and download the summer 2013 sampler by visiting:

MediaFire Video Streaming-The M Machine

MediaFire’s New Streaming Video Player, Featuring the M Machine’s Tiny Anthem

Over the past few months, we have have seen incredible user growth, due to the incredible success of our free Android application, and we look forward to launching several new and exciting products and features over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned, and keep creating!


Link to today’s press release and screenshots:


-Have a MediaFire story to share with us on this special occasion? Send me an email at


The MediaFire Android App Has Finally Arrived!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

As many of you may already know, on January 16th we officially launched our long-awaited Android App. Almost immediately after publishing our app in Google Play store, we saw lots of warm reviews and great suggestions. We would like to thank you all for the abundant feedback, we appreciate it a lot!

While it makes us happy to know that our users are no longer deprived of MediaFire on their Android devices, the feedback we received also gives us great starting points to focus on improving our apps and adding your most requested features in the near future. As always, feel free to give us more ideas for what you’d like to see in the next version of our iPhone and Android apps in the comments!

Here are some of the great accolades we’re honored to receive from around the web:

“MediaFire is offering 50GB of free cloud storage, so if you’re an avid cloud-sharer, this is an app you don’t want to pass up”.



“No, really: 50 gigabytes”. “MediaFire remains a great option for sharing large files with others, accessing your data across multiple devices, collaborating on documents, and creating backups of non-critical files”.



“…since you have 50GB of free space, you don’t have to make hard decisions of which files you’re uploading to the app for easy access”.




“MediaFire will provide Android users with 50GB of free storage, boasting that users will never have to worry about running out of space”.




“While most other services would only offer that much after a small fee, MediaFire prides itself on leniency, affordability and ease of use, and not having to worry about how many megabytes or gigabytes you have left goes a long way toward a less stressful user experience”.


Again, thanks for all the great feedback! Now that MediaFire for Android has joined our iPhone app and our desktop Express app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, we’re starting to round out our software products and getting ready to take them someplace really exciting.

Stay tuned!

The MediaFire Team

We’re Over 5 Million!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

We just reached over 5 million likes on our Facebook page! Thanks everyone!

If you haven’t already and you’d like to join these 5 million people in receiving the latest news out of MediaFire direct in your social feed, you can follow MediaFire’s team on these social networks:

Facebook: (major updates and product releases)

Twitter: (more frequent news, tips, and updates)

Google+: (major updates and product releases)


Tom Langridge – Co-Founder, VP Product and Communications

MediaFire’s Position in the Cloud Storage Market

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Recently there has been extensive media coverage of the United States Government’s shut down of which has drawn attention to the entire cloud storage market as a whole. While I can’t speak to the allegations against MegaUpload, I’d like to just take this opportunity to clarify some misconceptions about MediaFire that I’ve seen recently.

MediaFire offers a free, secure, and unlimited cloud storage service for users to upload and share data with their customers, colleagues, friends, and family. MediaFire’s Professional and Business plans offer uploaders additional functionality like company branding tools, analytics tools, and multi-seat employee accounts.

MediaFire’s premium services are based on a user’s ability to upload data and pay to distribute it. This storage and sharing model is similar to Akamai, Amazon S3, YouSendIt, etc. MediaFire has no caps or restrictions for downloading data and each upload is limited to a maximum size of 200MB for non-premium users.

Most importantly, people choose MediaFire because it offers high quality services that are simple to use and extremely powerful. We incorporate the latest HTML5 technologies, the most advanced user interfaces, and are constantly expanding our services with features requested by businesses and professionals. In Q2 2012, MediaFire will redefine how people access and manage their data and how they interact with the cloud by releasing long-in-development desktop and mobile applications that solve problems Microsoft, Dropbox, and Box fail to address.

A little more about MediaFire:

MediaFire was founded in 2006 and is based near Houston, Texas. MediaFire is used by people at 86% of Fortune 500 companies and is currently ranked in the top 100 websites globally by Amazon’s Alexa and Google/DoubleClick’s Ad Planner services.

Thanks again everyone, especially to our fans who we’ve heard loud and clear evangelizing the benefits of our service. It’s easy for us to get caught up in building our technology and services and we haven’t spent enough time espousing our own benefits and differentiators. The cloud is an incredibly convenient and powerful tool for many professionals, businesses and individuals. At MediaFire, we are committed to continuing to innovate on this technology and provide it to our users in new, simple, ethical and cost effective ways.

Tom Langridge – Co-Founder, Corporate Communications

Twitter Feed Coming Soon!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

We have been working with the social media folks at Bob’s Blitz to retrieve a twitter account. They anticipate this being done soon and we appreciate all the help. Show the guys at Bob’s Blitz some love!


MediaFire comes to Facebook

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Now, for what will likely be the most important news you read all day:  MediaFire has a Facebook page!  Have a seat, takes some deep breaths, relax and click the like button below!


MediaFire 3.0 is here!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Hi everyone,

We listened to your feedback and suggestions and now, to accommodate some of your most sought-after features, we’re excited to offer you MediaFire 3.0! Since you demand more from you file host, we launched MediaFire 3.0 to solidify our reputation as being the simplest way to upload, share, and instantly manage your files from any computer.

Here’s some of what’s new:

New Look / Updated Features

If you’re already a free MediaFire user or MediaPro account holder, you’ll notice that you’re automatically brought to your My FIles page upon logging in. This decision reflects our realization that the My Files is your primary point of interaction for most of MediaFire’s most popular features.

Following with this new focus you can now upload files directly from your My Files page into whichever folder you’re currently viewing.

Completely Redesigned Uploader

Not only did we just add the ability to upload to folders directly from your My Files page, we’ve also completely redesigned the uploader to be faster and easier to use.

You still get the same great features and functionality on the new uploader, but you should also find that the new uploader performs more smoothly – especially for your larger file uploads, which we have just increased limitations on: Free MediaFire account holders can now upload files up to 200MB in size, while MediaPro users can still upload files up to 2GB!

Embedable Dropbox Uploader

If you’re a MediaPro account holder, now you can embed shared folders in the form of dropboxes on your favorite websites.

With our new uploader, you can place a dropbox on any website that supports javascript, thus allowing your visitors to upload files into a folder you specify from your My Files page. Dropboxes have fully customizable color schemes and security options.

Here’s an example dropbox for you to try out:

Bulk Download

Downloading multiple files one at a time can be a hassle, but it’s a thing of the past once you upgrade to a MediaPro account.

You can now download multiple files and folders with one click from your My Files page, a shared folder, or directly from a file download page.

Brandable My Files page and Shared Folders

With Silver and Bronze MediaPro accounts, you can add your own custom header to your My Files and shared files pages, allowing you to show your creativity or expand your branding to those who view files hosted in your MediaFire account.

Upload any image and customize the color scheme of your header for a custom look to showcase to your downloaders.

RSS Feeds

Let your downloaders stay informed with the latest file additions to your shared folders with a simple RSS feed of files uploaded to your account.

With an RSS reader such as Google Reader, your downloaders can keep tabs on your shared folders to stay on top of your latest uploads giving you one more flexible way to distribute your files.

Here’s an RSS feed of the shared folder I use for demonstrations on the blog: RSS for Tom’s Shared Folder

New Download and Image pages

We’ve redesigned our download and image pages to be cleaner, more efficient, and to have a greater focus on the content rather than the interface.

You’ll immediately notice that the interface is dramatically simplified making the download link more prominent on download pages and image navigation on the image pages more accessible.

We hope you love the new MediaFire as much as we do and as always, keep the feedback coming and we’ll do our best to improve the website to better suit your needs.

High Five

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

LifeHacker just named MediaFire the “Best Online File Sharing Service” in their ongoing High Five feature series. It’s a great article with some really useful tools (and no I’m not just saying that because we’re on there) all recomended by the LifeHacker readers. Each winner represents the best of the best as most recommended in it’s category. We’re honored to be chosen and thank you to all the MediaFire users who recommended us! If you’d like to learn more about the other great services and tools also named best in their category head on over to LifeHacker, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t even know you needed!

- Tom