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MediaFire Uploads up to 60% Faster

MediaFire uploads are now up to 60% faster then previously. Our new upload server, Big Upload, was released Friday and has shown up to a 60% increase over our previous implementation. This change is currently only for the Advanced uploader, not the basic uploader. There were a couple of bugs that have been fixed as…

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MediaFire comes to Facebook

Now, for what will likely be the most important news you read all day:  MediaFire has a Facebook page!  Have a seat, takes some deep breaths, relax and click the like button below! Derek

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Quick Start to Downloads

We have released a new version of our web server for file downloads, Big Download, which has some performance enhancements.  Starting downloads should now be 60% to 95% faster.  Downloads could previously take .3 to 3 seconds to start.  They should now start almost instantly after clicking ‘Click here to start download’ link. In the…

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